Thursday, 21 September 2017

Junior presentation

This week Room 6 were very excited to show off their Irish dance for the junior presentation. Everyone worked really hard and loved getting all dressed up for the show. Miss Romeyn and Mrs Trebes were very proud of the class for giving their best. We hope everyone enjoyed it! 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bear Visit

Room 6 have been reading the story 'We're going on a bear hunt', so we could do a fun drama lesson with Whaea Ana. We received a letter from mama bear asking for our help in solving the bears problem... Baby bear is hiding in the cave, he is feeling lonely and has no friends to play with. 

Baby bear came into our classroom and we were able to ask him lots of questions to find out about his life and how we could help him. We had lots of great inquiry questions from the kids:

  • Why are you sad?
  • What do you eat? 
  • Why did your best friend move?
  • Do you hibernate?
  • Why don't you live together?
  • Do you hunt?
We had lots of fun completing this lesson to solve how we could help baby bear's problem of feeling lonely. We even learnt some new interesting facts about bears.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ugly Bugs

Our artwork is based off the story we read called 'The Very Ugly Bug'. We had to give our bugs HUGE big boogly eyes, a really odd wibbly, wobbly shaped head, a horrible hairy back and wonky purple legs. We had lots of fun and they all turned out very different from one another. Come check them out on display in Room 6.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Card Making

This week we have Fathers Day coming up and so on Friday we were busy making cards to someone special in our lives. This could be our Dad, Stepdad, Granddad, Brother, Uncle, Mum or anyone that is special and important to us. We hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Fun filled week

This week Room 6 were very lucky getting to do lots of fun activities with Mrs Spencer and Mrs Horan. This included puzzle time with lots of cool Disney puzzles, in which the students worked so well as a team, the ugly bug artwork, and the rainbow fish art, both from stories the class had read. From reading the Rainbow Fish we learnt an important lesson that we need to share our things with our friends. The kids had lots of fun making their fish with cupcake holders. The fish on display make our classroom look nice and bright!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Cross country

This week we had cross country which we were all getting very excited for. We all tried our very best  and everyone in Room 6 should be very proud of their efforts! A few of us even got a placing. Well done to everyone!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Snow White Mirrors

Last week we finished reading Snow White. For our weekly fairy tale art we designed our own mirrors and drew ourselves in them. They look fantastic on our classroom display!!